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I'm a 24 year old black male in slc..i recently broke up with my ex girlfriend because she was cheating on me...and for the first time ever she started dating a girl and we didn't talk for two months after the breakup... And then she texted me out of the blue... I didn't respond... She kept trying to reach me... For two weeks till I finally answered.... She invited me to come over mind you she was living with her new girlfriend......... Well I was bored and decided to see her face again.... I asked Her about her girlfriend and she said she was at work... I asked her what she wanted in which she replied, I don't know but I'm not happy..... So we smoked a blunt and talked about what happened between us... She told me to come sit next to her.. I did and we got comfortable watching a movie... Then I started getting hard and she felt it... To be honest I would get hard from time to time while having a conversation with her... She has that effect on me.. So she touched it and said "oh what is this huh?" .. And I said my dick and smiled and she got up.. While I was still sitting down and started pulling my pants down and said "uhmm I miss this dick" and proceeded to put her warm mouth on it.. I hadn't had sex since the breakup... This felt amazing... I asked if I could record her.. She said yes.... I proceeded to fuck her good.. She came 7 times that I know of because it was too much and she'd stop and her eyes was always rolling back.. She hadn't had dick since the breakup too.. I asked where she wanted me to cum when I was almost there... She said her mouth so I pulled out and came in her mouth while she was still sucking... She's very good at that... No teeth like a pro and swallowed everything.... That was so sexy... I was still hard thinking about how sexy she looked while I was pounding it hard... her orgasm voice.... So we took a shower together and got dressed... She then started doing the dishes... The whole time I was starting at her ass and was still hard so I pulled my pants down and started masturbating... She kept looking back at me then eventually.. Stopped and dried her hands, knelt down and used her tongue to play with the tip while I did it... Occasionally taking over with a full blowjob and then sucking the tip then my balls till I came in her mouth again and she swallowed every drop... I was finally satisfied.. So we do this from time to time.... And we are looking for a girl to join.... Because she reaches multiple orgasm and have to put up with me a little longer cause I last long which is why I generally go two rounds but sometimes she's just tired... And on my own time I'm looking for more fun but I'm picking even as a man I don't go stick my penis in every vagina.. I play safe.. My maximum capacity is two girls that are on the same page... I don't do love But I can touch you right 😊 thanks for reading

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  • yes i do hahaha horny devil :p

  • Mmm reading this made me so wet, do you have kik?

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