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I know this might be ignored but I'd like some advice. I've been friends with a girl for 9 years and I currently found out that I have feelings for her. I kinda knew for a while but I thought maybe I was just going through a phase of like her because how happy she makes me, but even when she makes me mad and upset I still have feelings for her which makes it hard for me to be anything but happy around her. We could fight for hours and then still be fine 5 minutes later. And I really like her and I'm bisexual. I'm female. She's straight. But I want to tell her just to let her know but it's giving me such bad anxiety attacks cause I don't know how she'll react. I've dropped hints but she's so oblivious. I'm scared she'll leave and be freaked out cause we've slept together and showered together before and I think she'll think I'm just trying to use her and that's the complete opposite of what I want. I.. think I'm in love with her... but she won't be in love with me... what should I do?

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  • maybe you should tell her. I mean if you really can't hold it. in anymore? be prepared for a rejection though, sadly this can always happen so if you can't handle it you should maybe try to forget about her one step at a time, I know it will be hard no matter what you do buy things will get better

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