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ok so one time i walked in on my cousin (f18) getting dressed and i (m14) was shocked for a second, i stood still looking at her for about 2 minutes, than i decided to say "do you need a hand". and suprisingly whe said yes can you undo my bra for me and i said ok but it turned to a fuck fest and at one point she moaned so loud that my grandma walked in and grandma said "Your not doing it right" and started sticking her fingers and fists, both of them i might add at the same time so far in her vagina she starts to scream with pleasure, so loud my grandpa walked in and said "what the fuck are you doing" and for a moment i blacked out for so long when i opened my eyes they were just rattling bones im pretty sure grandma broke her hip and then squirted all over my grandpas face. What a night... might i add we have never spoken again and my mom and dad have not found out.

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  • i n c e s t- I think this is a lie especially according to the vulgar twelve-year-old-esque comebacks mad by the person but if it's true than that's really gross and you have been reduced to the status of an animal in my eyes because you don't have basic human decency

  • your grandma put her fists up your cousins pussy? she must be really loose

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