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Usually people only think posts like this are for attention but I couldn't care less if you payed attention to me so ignore this if you want but don't start a scene. I've wanted to kill myself for 4 years now but I never did cause I'm in love with my best friend and she cares a lot for me but what makes it worse is she's straight and I'm Bi. She'll never love me and it's tearing me apart more and more everyday. I'm 16 and we've been friends for 9 years and with how stressed I am lately I may not make it to 20.

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  • hey keep fighting! i am 16 too and i swear school does sucks but im sure life will be good to you once you have graduated! you will be able to meet better people in the future :) stay strong !

  • Just think, when you are out of school and don't have to worry about people judging you too much, you can dive into dating people who make you happy AND are bi/lesbian. It will get better by/before 20.

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