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I have some really good friends that I like being with and I've been friends with for awhile, the only problem is recently I feel like they're uniting me and when I try to talk to them they just stop listening and do something else like look at their phone or they'll interrupt me and start saying other stuff. I feel like they don't care about what I have to say at all and it really bothers me. Some of them are also really really clingy to other ones, like one girl told me she just wanted to sit with one of our friends at lunch alone from now on and that person is all she cares about. I can't handle things to stay the same and to feel like I'm always in the background and no one listens to anyone anymore but idk how to bring it up to them. I just wish people would care about each other more and show a little more respect

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  • Ik how you feel my friends always ditch me and go somewhere else and I'm just there alone like I'm just a nobody like I always am

  • Jeez I am experiencing the exact same thing here. it's like as long as you're talking about them it's all fine but as soon as you want to talk about something that matters to you everyone leaves and is busy suddenly. It really upsets me and i have thought about talking to them about it but I fear that if I do they will talk about me being over dramatic behind my back and that they will eventually leave me for good. So I completely understand your feelings, I wish there would be an easy solution to our problem

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