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PLEASE READ: if you love someone, why for the love of god why would you break up with them? Love is one of the rare-few things in life that make it worth waking up everyday. If someone loves you, if someone is out there fighting for you, willing to be with you through anything, then you are absolutely stupid to let them go. Love is so special and needs to be cherished. Even if you are unsure, don't give up on love.

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  • I love someone. He want to be polyamorous and date other women. I don't want to let him go, but it hurts knowing he is spending time with them. Can I dump him for the pain he is causing me? Our love is obviously not that important to him -_-

  • I can't speak for anyone else , but for me it was thinking that in the shape that I was in at the time financially and somewhat emotionally I didn't feel worthy of her love. if you truly love someone in my mind anyway you never want to see them with less than you feel like they deserve. especially if you're the reason that life is being hard on the one that you care for in the first place. another reason could be that although I might think that everything is good the other person could feel like their being used and not appreciated. it's painful when you give your all to someone else but they act like it's not good enough for them. just my opinions through.

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