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I am in love (and in lust!) with my boss. Truly, madly, deeply, heavily, overbearingly, irrationally, painfully. We used to get on really well but after a point I think he realised I liked him coz he started pulling away and now rarely ever speaks to me except when absolutely necessary. I have a project to complete for him at work, and while some times I work really hard convinced that this the only way I have to work my way into his attention and hopefully, one day, his affection, other times I find it really hard to concentrate, all I want to do is walk by his office or look for a way to find him in my path and the mixture of exhilaration and despair is so unbearable it almost physically hurts. I can't even contemplate the idea of giving up the hope that some day something may happen between us. I am a Librarian in London UK.

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  • I don't think he wants the same thing as you. is he single?

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