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I am madly, truly, deeply, completely, crazily, hysterically in love (and in lust!) with my boss. I love his height, his chiselled jaw, his blue eyes, his voice, his personality, everything about him is perfect in my eyes. We used to get on really well in the beginning, but I think he eventually worked out that I like him because at one point he started pulling away and now rarely ever talks to me except when absolutely necessary. I have a project to complete for him at work; sometimes I can work really hard convinced that this is the only tool I have to work my way into his attention and one day, hopefully, his affections, but on others like today, all I can do is walk past his office and look for a way to find him in my path, and the mixture of excitement and fear and shame is so strong it's almost physically painful. I find it impossible to abandon my hopes that one day something could happen between us. He's married and has a little boy. I'm an academic Librarian in London UK.

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  • move the fuck on little kiddo 😂 married men/women are big no nos. if youre too dumb to understand that you deserve a big bowl of... well.. nothing 😂😂 pathetic

  • you got issues. he doesn't want you , he wants his family. grow up!!

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