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hmm... does he just wanna hang out alome or is he asking me out I'm so confused 😢

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  • It's funny, I'm a guy who skipped dating when younger because I thought it would be weird for parents driving us around and also I did not understand many ways of going about. Also I am very picky. I go to decry with no action life (all older people) sad. Nothing like a sports school. I asked a hot girl I was into to hang out sometime but she used the busy excuse. You could say I was asking her out, but I think friendship can lead to that and some articles say having a partner that is like your best friend is the way to go. If you think about it, why wouldn't you. This is how I think. Your not the only girl that thinks it differently and it could be a lighter way of asking out, just to see if it is fun to hang out with other person.

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