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anyone want to be friends with a lonely house wife? no naughtiness, just talk about random fun or maybe not so fun stuff? I don't care really, I'm bored and could use a friend or two lol give me your email if your interested. lol I'm 24 ish if your wondering

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  • ok, for you judgmental ass wholes... I have a "part" time job. mean I work two to three days a week but I work a 12 hr shit. so that's and where from 24- 36 hr😉 . also being a stay at home wife/mom DOESN'T mean I get to do what I want when I want. I clean cook and take care of my family. I work my ass off constantly. and babysitting is expensive for two kids. and yeah I spend time with my kids we have fun, and they are my fucking kids, I brought them into this world so that makes them my responsibility to take care of them, not pon them off to go have some "fun" . fuck the ignorance here amazes me

  • what I will do to be a housewife!just sleeping,cleaning when I like and doing shopping all day but unfortunately I can't course am working my ass of

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