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(m) here, I sometimes wish i had grown up with a hot female cousin or a hot stepsister....or even a hot sister. I would have loved to fool around and explore sexually in the comfort of our home home. I keep looking for sex confessions and naughty stories about cousins or brothers and sisters fooling around in there teens and i think i would've enjoyed that. Maybe it's a just fantasy and if it would've happened i would view it totally different, i don't know. but the idea turns me on so much.

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  • Literotica.com has true and fictional stories written by people like you and me. You may find what you're looking for there. People may be sickened by this kind of thing, but honestly, I think people are going to have their fantasies and it's normal. Some are so damn scared of their perversions that they shove them so far down and feel like it's their job to tell you you're sick. Whatever. As long as you're not hurting anyone then indulge in your fantasies.

  • As a girl with a younger brother and sister, even trying to think about doing sexual things with them makes me sick to my stomach. They're my baby siblings. It's my job to lead and care for them, not use them for my own sick sexual desires. That is why people like you disgust me. That lust that people have for their siblings isn't love. It's a sick, twisted, desperate need for sexual experimentation without judgement. Anyone who could bring themselves to do such nasty things to someone they supposedly love so much... They deserve no love.

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