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am making an explicit video for someone special wish me good luck!don't be rude I love him,and I should have done this longtime ago,I fucking hope he like it course I am not sleeping tonight and its made with lots of love,let's pray that you people don't see it on revenge porn when he is done with me but am doing it anyway,so suck it up and wish a girl in love a good luck💗😀

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  • calm your tits down bitches I didn't need your approval! if he loves me he is never going to show it to anyone if he doesn't love me then am fucked and stupid I deserve to be slut shamed by strangers because I trusted an loved the wrong man.I love him why you understand that am doing something for someone who I love,I took a gamble in love and a risk I know what will happen its either love forever or be ashamed forever.and am not 18 or naïve am 22 and in love,so yah fuck your judgment and fuck you too

  • Not a good idea. Ever. Seeing this from the other side with deep regrets.

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