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I just found out the guy that antagonized me every chance he got for 6 years, calling me fat, bitch, whore, or whatever shitty thing he could think of, even telling me I should die, and rallying other people to his cause of trying to make me miserable died Monday. I definitely do not feel sad. It just makes me angry thinking about him since people keep bringing him up. Reading how they thought he was such a wonderful nice person is laughable. He's just a person I hated for hating me for no reason. His Dad is my Dad's friend and my Dad hired him, so we had to work together as well, he was even rude then and my father didn't give a shit. I wonder if other people feel this way in similar situations or am I just a fucking asshole? Why do you have to be nice about people just because they've died? Good riddance asshole. I'm glad no one else has to suffer your brand of rudeness anymore.

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  • My uncle passed away a few years ago and he did not like me or my mom. I was not angry but i felt nothing it is a shame for my aunt tho but anyway i do not blame u. While u should never wish death on a person it is okay to not be nice to someone if they deserve it

  • If someone always made fun of me and did everything possible to make my damn miserable, I wouldn't give a fucking damn if they passed away.

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