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I missed out on dating in high school, a guy being shy and late to the game. I go to devry college where there are no chicks, maybe nursing school next door but atmosphere is boring compared to high school. Moving with family from Ohio where I am not friends with girls in neighborhood, to Texas where chances are higher and houses closer together. Plano, McKinney, Dallas or around Irving Texas. Should my hopes be high? Or will my joy only come from joining the life at a young person college. I choose devry bc small classes and I know people being successful from it. I currently hate reading books for class and am depressed. Thinking I'm missing out. I am 19. I feel I would only meet girls at s school I'm not at and I feel I will only have the joyful life at a school I'm not at.

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  • dude get you career together first, then a lot more doors will open for you... if ya know what I mean.

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