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so we started having sex in the shower. it was good. then we took it in the bedroom. he wanted head I got turned off. y? because my head is A1. it's always been. but there is no reciprocation. the last time I got head was october 2015. it's February 2016. nd almost everytime we have sex I give. but nope.. nothing in return. so I stopped half way in. nd just went in the bathroom put my pj's on brushed my teeth nd told him I'm tired. there needs to be reciprocity when it comes to sexual matters. I'm annoyed af. nd horns at that. nd this guy can't get 1 job done.

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  • I'm a male in the same position but opposite gender obviously. I know what you mean when you said you want him to want to she has no interest in pleasing me but it's fine for me to satisfy her. Speak to him or find someone who understands your needs.

  • You were right to go that. he must give to receive. You should make him give you head first.

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