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DONT READ THIS 1. You called me pretty in a message with no reason, you just wrote it randomly. 2. You know every inch of my body. how do I know? because your comments like: your legs are longer... you say things like that 3. You try every day to make me laugh and smile. 4. You know what I'm feeling just because the sound of my voice. 5. You were waiting for the right moment to tell me you deeply know me (yes that's what he said). 6.Even if you're super busy you try to take a moment to talk whit me. 7. You always say that I'm cute or sweet. 8.We talk every day, (it's cute I like it you must know), honestly you and I talk more to each other than what you talk with your brother. Just tell me why? because seriously the curiosity stole my breath! how did you even know how fragile I'm and why did you take the time to know me like that? Are you like this whit everyone? or just with me? it's cos you appreciate me as a family member? (I'm his brother wife) I mean hey you sweetheart!! why did you know me better than my mother? it's really because you got a friend like me in the past so you earn practice? I don't know but there's so many things and I would like to know... that's all. please can someone give me a real opinion?

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  • lol! why it doesn't have loyal and why is he a bad brother??

  • Well...dis hoes aint loyal. And what a dick brother.

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