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My motivation for work is I have $400 rent. I could go on and on how I love my job (I actually do), but I love paying bills more. It's no fun being paranoid I'll be caught driving uninsured or have an accident. I enjoy knowing I can pay all my bills. I'm happy that occasionally having only $7 in my bank account is because I wasted too much of it on fast food, not because it was a choice of electric bill minimum or gas in my car to go job hunting. I'm building up a 401k. I have insurance in all areas. I can actually afford $400 rent. That's why I get out of bed for work.

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  • Is your place that shitty though? I mean, no decent home/apartment would be that cheap, there must be some sort of disease crawling the building and the landlord felt bad.

  • dang, your rent is hella cheep

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