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my little trolling game is getting so far that I think im officially famous on this app. funny shit right ?? 😂😂

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  • let's give blurrr some credit she is known here she rules this place we all know we love and hate her OK I do the fact she made a place for herself here and will never be forgotten she is popular

  • Okay seriously you're probably too scared to do half the shit you do on here in real life, let's face it you're a pussy. You're afraid you'll get hit for being an asshole so you do it where you won't be personally identified but at the same time, you crave that attention so you come up with a user, that way you'll be known by few, even if it's in a negative way. But in reality I'm going to assume you're a middle aged man living in his mother's basement without a career or job or any significant other, quite sad really, or you're a 12 year old who bullies 9 year olds because it's the only way you can feel superior. Either way you're immature as fuck and need a hobby.

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