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My fresh ex wants to be friends. I really don't want to. He broke up with me. On New year. By text message. I don't want to see him every time I log in to my social media or wish to relax on my favorite sites or games. I feel like he is forcing restrictions on me after we are over. Wanting me to promise to keep in touch with him and involved in my life. Is he asking too damn much? I am not too bitter or wish ill on him. If he don't want me, then he don't want me. I do not want to hurt his feeling or be mean. I just think it would be easier if he wasn't in my face all.the.damn.time.

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  • He has every right to want to remain friends, but you have every right to refuse. You have no obligations towards him, and if he wants you to promise to keep in touch, he is being selfish. You want to move on. And he has no right to demand that he is included in your future.

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