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My friend (m) broke up with his gf today because she kept getting jealous of us. I'm asexual and he thinks of me as one of the guys, but she picked a fight with him every time he sat by me. I literally did nothing yet I feel like its my fault. F.

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  • He made her feel insecure about you. It is his duty to make sure that she doesn't feel that way towards anyone, regardless of how long he has known you or even if you like both sexes. He shouldn't have sat next to you if she was there.

  • You couldn't have done anything. The girl was wrong, and even if it migr be understandable that she was jealous if you and him are really close, she should have known better than to let that come between them unless you and him were all over eah other, which I think we can assume you were not. She didn't trust him, and whatever reason she had for that, you're not at fault. Any other girl friend would have triggered the same response.

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