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i lie about crying. a lot. all of my friends can get so emotional and i used to but it just stopped. i want it back, it feels good to cry and i cant, plus the attention you get is so fulfilling, i know it sounds shallow, but when one direction split and i cried for hours in school then thursday and friday i was so fragile and everyone wanted to understand,and sadly that was the most popular ive ever been.... wow as im writing this (and i write exactly what comes to mind) im realizing that what im saying is in order to be accepted i need to feel pain and show pain.. but as i type that i see pain is human and real... in order to be accepted you need to be real and show your emotions. In a way it is good and in a way it is bad. I dont know. im sorry.

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  • I'm sorry I can't over u crying over one direction thing.

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