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I don't understand why the sudden outrage to blurrr's trolling. It's not like you have not seen trolls somewhere else. Why are people so butthurt and salty. This is the Internet for crying out loud and nothing said on the Internet amounts to anything no matter how mean or nice the comments might be

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  • AMEN!! and im not even christian.. haha at this point im not even trolling anymore, im just scrolling on the feed and answer my fans. the others, i dont give a crap.. but sometimes when i see a very stupid post i cant help it.. i have to say something 😂 on the other hand, i can be very sweet to people who need a lil push to get better. and btw im not tje only one trolling. the only real 'bully' here are the ones who hide under the anonymous nickname.. i have OPINIONS. i stand up to it. and sometimes i have to even stand up for other kids who get bullied by loosers who hide under the anonymous nickname. and to you bunch of pussies, who hide, fuck you.

  • I think blurrr is hot, and I want her to have my love child.

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