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I can't help but to be secretly angry at my friend, although it was my own stupid fault. I let her keep my money while we were on a party. And she let it get stolen. Afterwards, she bought herself a huge pizza and other food from the rest of my money. I had 100 € left for the month after my cat got sick and I had to pay for all of her expenses. Now, she left me with 30 €, because she took more money to the party than she was supposed to and ordered the most f****ing expensive things on the menu. For her it's not a big deal that her money got stolen too. She's the kind of person that spends 400+€ on make-up only every month. But I just don't have that kind of money. This month, I actually had some activities planned with my sister, and I would have needed the money urgently. Now I think I might have to cancel. Or sell some of my organs. She doesn't even think of it as a big deal. She doesn't even get why I want the 20 € for the pizza back. Who the f*** orders a 20 € pizza?!

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  • ...Are you saying you /wouldn't/ order a 20 € pizza?

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