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F**k you to everyone who told me what to do with my body. I'm going to take my uterus out, and you have no say in that matter. I don't care for having children. I'm infertile anyway, at least with a probability of 95%; and I'm a lesbian - the only way for me to get pregnant is to be raped!! Also, I hate children! It's my health, my body, and my decision, and I say the thing gets out of me as fast as possible, because this freaking disease puts me in so much pain every 2 weeks that I vomit as soon as I move. So would you kindly shut up in the future and let me do what's best for me? If you want to have kids, nice for you. If I'd ever want one, I can still adopt.

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  • Go girl! You've made the best decision, putig your health and happiness first!

  • I'm so proud of you! I would never be brave enough to admit that I don't children to my parents :(

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