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My father died and left me enough money to buy a house (only a small one). I am on minimum wage and barely make rent where i live so this is an amazing opportunity to have some stability. Problem is im gullible and of low intelligence so i don't know how to buy it or get a good deal. What do i look for? how do i do it? i called a Realtor and told them i want to live in this location but should i keep my eye out for anything?. If this goes wrong i don't think ill recover for many many years. My papa worked so hard for this money, and i dont want to lose it. Im already hurting so much from his death and just want him to look at me from the afterlife and feel like he didn't raise a failure.

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  • there's an app for that...plus I don't think you're dumb but you might be lazy.

  • people of really low intelligence don't know they're dumb. you're smarter than you think. call a sibling or close friend for advice on good deals and where to live

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