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How do I drop hints to tell someone I want to date them? (I'm a guy trying to get a girl btw).

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  • Whip out your cock and introduce yourself ! Make sure to chub it up first. 👋🏻🍌😁

  • Haha these comments made me laugh. If you want to be subtle about it, when you're together, just look into her eyes for like 4-6 seconds, trust me all girls love it. If you're mainly just texting her, play questions or just plain out ask her some questions on if she's interested in anyone or what her type is, etc. But do not overload with the questions! I'm talking like 4 a day at the most. If you ask too often, she'll already be on you and you might even creep her out a bit, I mean, it can be overwhelming. Make her feel wanted, hang out with her and do things both of you like, find out her interests and hobbies. Compliment her, always be honest with her, but by that I don't mean you should tell her something you don't like about her, tell her what you do like, just don't lie at all because that will mean so much in the outcome. Be yourself and treat her good. But remember the relationship isn't all about her, it (usually) involves two people, do things you like as well, tell her about yourself. Make physical contact every now and then like brushing her shoulder/hand, but not too much, you aren't actually dating yet ahah. I'm sure after a while it'll work out for you two. Good luck (:

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