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it's really hard to be hypersensitive.I can't even eat dinner with my family because we know they have to be extra careful about what they say to me.i don't have friends,the only person who am comfortable with is someone I met online but am starting to be sensitive to him too,and clingy if he doesn't reply am going to get angry and say mean things and after a minute regret it and cry its so pathetic! its not fair that everyone around me have to deal my raging emotions but I can't help it.and my dear sweet boyfriend has been with me through thick and thin but when he couldn't deal with my meltdown I let my myself fall for someone I met in my phone,phone?all of them deserve better than me I hope they will be happy course for once am thinking about them.

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  • Hyper sensitive to like everything ? You must be awful company

  • I can actually relate to what you're going through. you just need to let that person go, and take time to work on yourself.

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