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HERE IS MESSAGE FOR YOU FAT SHAMER, first of all fuck you. Lazy? excuses? not really hereditary? sure you maybe right, so how about you thin fuckheads that are also lazy too? how do we bash you? we don't right? because you can fucking eat all you want thanks to your metabolism, you can play fucking games all week long and remain fit/thin. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I WENT THROUGH. SURE A FUCKING SANDWICH IS NOT HEALTHY, but come to think of it, I DID NOT BECOME REALLY THIN EVEN THOUGH THAT IS WHAT I ATE FOR 2 FUCKING YEARS. BY THAT TIME I SHOULD HAVE ANOREXIA ALREADY, NO I AM STILL FAT. LAZY? I TOOK THE FUCKING STAIRS IN MY WHOLE COLLEGE YEARS TO 11th FLOOR EVERYDAY. I EXERCISE ATLEAST 1 HOUR EVERYDAY IF I HAVE NO RESEARCH PAPERS, ETCETERA. Sure some obese people maybe are really lazy, but you don't have the rights to fucking generalize.

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  • eating a sandwich for two years and pretending that's the healthy choice is like saying subway will really get you skinny too. Haha you have minimize your carbs and have the right proportions. eating sandwiches all the time maxed out your carb intake all the time. plus small things like mayo and to much meat are not a healthy option. condiments are never thought as bad, but definitely can be when you smother your sandwich. you need actually healthy choices not something you think might work. seriously, you are lazy if can't find the proper diet with today's technology. Google it psycho.

  • No but majority of obese people end up that because either their parents in childrens early age make them fat by giving them an awful diet or they they at later age themselves have caused obesity by unhealthy diet. A small minority actually have genes that slow or accelerate metabolism, so roughly the number of people who can eat as much as they want while staying slim and those who bloat out from even small amounts is the same

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