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I like him so much. We went to the movies twice together but we always had a friend with us. We text all the time and know everything about each other. His best friend said he thinks he likes me, but idk because he hangs out with more "popular" girls than me and I am 99% sure he has a huge crush on the most popular one. She doesn't like him back of course because she has a boyfriend. I just wish he liked me and if he does I wish he would tell me. We have so many inside jokes, have made so many plans together. I want to ask him out, but I'm way to awkward, and if he doesn't like me and I ask him out then things will be awkward between us. But what if he really does like me and just thinks I don't like him so he hasn't said anything??? Someone help😩

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  • Just ask him who he likes, if you two trust each other so much, surely he'll be honest.

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