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When I was younger 11-14 my would have sex with me and make me do things to me telling me it was game and when I wouldn't do it hed get mad. At 14 I finally told someone and he was arrest for it he gets out in a few months and I don't know what to do he told me the day he was arrested that I'd pay for it and im really scared he will hurt me or something when he gets out i live a normal life now and havent thought about it for years but him getting out soon i guess brought up bad memories because I've had nightmares so bad I wake up sweating and screaming im lucky that my husband is there for me because having him hold me tight and tell me hes here for me is calms me down.

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  • If you're really nervous about it, ask the police for protection. Tell them he threatened you.

  • We have similar story's but I didn't say anything because my family won't believe me. My moms ex boyfriend touched me & the foster girl she didn't believe me but she believed the older girl then my cousin raped me. I'm 13 right now he raped me last year

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