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we found love in a hopeless place we found freedom.you loved the bitchy me and I loved the asshole you are.you didn't lie to me you told me in so many ways how ugly I am but I fell beutyfull when you told me so because u believed that am strong and too beutyfull to believe what you said and that made me powerful.you and me know that we are never going to be free with anyone else.we were made for each other. you were sick in your head and I loved it you were twisted,I lusted after your twisted side.when you greet me u didn't say Good morning you said fuck you!my god I didn't know how much you meant to me how much I love you until you was gone I wish I gave you what you wanted but my dear asshole I didn't know that the money you asked for is nothing compared to getting my soul mate I wish I gave you I really do because without you am empty am so empty please just one more time come and ask me one more time.I love you I wish I can tell you this but I can't.god please let him have this app I know he will know who I am please we were made for each other!

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  • Awe... I hate you too puddin 😚

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