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I'm thinking about giving Islam a second chance but without telling anyone, including my husband. It was a very peaceful journey when I began to learn and practice alone. It feel intimate and healing for body, mind, and spirit. But once my husband others got involved, I began to feel depressed, insecure, and constantly stressed because they wanted to me to do things the way they knew and at their pace. Over time, it all became too much for me and I let it all go. I really hope that doesn't happen again because I need this experience, whether Islam is truly for me or not.

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  • go for it ..trust me ..you will win , you will have a more peaceful life , you can keep it a secret from your husband and family if you are seeing that's safer for you ..or you can just tell him if you are sure they won't harm you by any means , and one more time , trust me just try searching about wonderful this religion is , and you will have the choice at the end , nobody will force , i am sure will get completely convinced alone if you searched right about it

  • Why bother with a religion ?

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