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what's the point of live

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  • There is an event so calamitous that it shall tear the world asunder. It will crack the Earth and make all the telephone booths left on earth fly backwards in everlasting spirals to orbit its broken pieces. Thunder shall break free of its chains and finally come before the lightning. Volcanoes shall rise up in funny shapes and the ocean will divide in parts which will fly up as gigantic bubbles. People will do back flips across these bubbles and the sun will turn into a giant pillar standing through space as a beacon for the leftovers of the universe to see what calamity has happened in this solar system. It will be glorious and it shall carry the planet into an age of inter-planetary back flipping. And the only thing it hinges on is you being around to witness it. For what reason is there for change other than for it to be noticed?

  • Trying not to die?

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