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I never had very good sex with a girl. Always it feel like I'm trying to make the girl have an orgasm, and I get tired and have the orgasm of 5 seconds. I really want that a patience girl showing me how good fucking a pussy can be.

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  • real sex is not porn , if really you want to improve chose a partner you know well and are confortable with also make sure to ask what she likes, some have zone where they like to be touched caressed , words said to her, the way you look at her, the duration of foreplay the type of sex , the pace she likes.enjoy yourself too and show that you like it that you want her thats also a turn on. Every girl like different things and you dont have to be an expert on the first try neither.dont pressure yourself like that , be nice be caring enjoy it and dont be afraid to discuss it, if she knows you want her and you get at the pount where she is open and confortable with you that could give you amazing sex.

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