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i can't shout it out in the real world so let me do it here.. JORDEN BAYACSAN, I'm so in love with you! it's been Five years and here I am hoping for you to notice me! it's been five years! I care a lot for you! if only you knew that i exist! if only you knew how i get quiet and nervous everytime you are near.. you are so near yet so far.. I LOVE YOU and i don't know why.... i just don't know why!!!!

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  • If he only knew we exist! I can't shout it out either. I've been seeing him around on my last years in the univ, but never had the chance to talk to him. Well,I can't say i love him as much as you do, but I know I like him. I'm not hoping for something "impossible" to happen for the two of us. (Haha) I just wanted to spill out my feelings because i've been trapped for almost 2 years now. (Haha) One thing also, he was my instructor. So definitely, no chance. :)

  • But he be ugly

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