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I still believe that marraige is a sacred thing. yes I believe in God and yes I also believe in being a "Real Man"....funny thing is I learned most of what a real man is supposed to be like from my mother. The rest I got from the Bible and life basically. I'll admit I think I may be an Alpha male and I do know I'm strong minded, opinionated and all. But thank God for learning so much from women I've learned to listen and have loads of patients. My next challenge in life is to find me a beautiful mate/parnter/Lover/Bestfriend/RideOrDie/Ester/viginQueen...because in the end most of what I have to offer that has any value at this point in time and history to such a virtuous woman is Loyalty Honor and Truth. I decided a while ago I'd prove that to her one day when she learns that I kept my virginity just for that special day after I put a ring on it. Male 50%Geek 50%Athletic, All American. Hooyah to someday in finding true Love.

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  • Not alpha-male. It's called mama's boy syndrome.

  • Good luck!

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