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I have anger inside about my parents. I love them to death... however when I was homeschooled they did NOT give me a good foundation. I shouldn't have even graduated highschool. my dad passed us anyway. so now I have a HS diploma but no knowledge of jack SHIT. my education was robbed from me. I've never been encouraged to go go college or to further my education. my older siblings were taught well, went to college and got bachelor's and masters degrees. meanwhile I can't even pass the ASVAB which is supposed to be simple for someone who graduated HS. it sucks. I want to join the Air Force, I failed my first asvab test and it was so embarrassing. I'm pissed off. I can't even move forward to do what I want to do. I'll keep studying and studying... but I feel like a hopeless case.

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  • You should get a GED without your parents' interference.

  • it's frustrating when you know you have potential to be more than you are but no one else seems to see it in you. try to find a tutor that you can pay for help. even if you have to work for a while to pay for it yourself. don't let something like this stop you, because your still young enough to work your way out! stay focused and never give up!!!

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