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my "best friends" ditched me because they thought we weren't close enough; nothing I say would make them change their mind because apparently they've already made up their minds and are not coming back to being best friends with me. Now how is that fair? how could they just throw away our years of friendship just because we weren't "close enough"? After EVERYTHING we've been through I think it's pretty safe to say that WE ARE. Did you guys just wake up one day and think to yourselves "Hm okay, we're not that close anymore, alrighty dighty then, well I don't want us to be best friends anymore so we'll ditch you without an explanation whatsoever so that way you'll get the hint that we're not interested in you anymore ho ho ho". Pretty sour if you ask me.

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  • Well then either you were never their best friend or you are a bit overracting

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