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I am not a fan of anyone, because I think being a fan means you kind of know everything about them, but most of the times I only knew the song and the singer/band or the movie but not the actors. But it just sad that their career are also based on the people, like emma watson, she was praised just because... Idk, and some actress/singers are bashed by people around the world.

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  • You can be a fan of them for just their art. Whats wrong with being an admirer of them as people? Celebs are human beings too so some people connect with more than just art. The only time its bad is if one doesnt respect them

  • Well that's not true. Being a fan means you really enjoy something. Some fans know everything there is to know, like some Star Wars fans who can tell you the tiniest details. But you don't have to know everything to be a fan.

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