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has anyone else been discriminated against because of their religion?

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  • All the time. People look down on me, as a christian. They ask me my opinion and i really don't want to lie to them. When i tell them one thing about god they immediately think I'm bible bashing them. Bible bashing is when someone non stops preaches gods words in your face. but if you want me to stop then say "can you please stop" or more politely "i guess that's your belief but i have my own", don't tell me to "f*** myself" . but I've becomed accustomed to these kind of responses and you know what when all you're trying to do is tell someone about the good news and then just don't comply, the only option is to let them go and stop trying. and so now i don't really care. its kind of like a doctor telling the patient that he or she has 5 months left to live but instead he tells her that she's healthy and well. I'm gonna stick to option 2 because honestly i just get so tired of people acting so rude

  • Yes, I'm a Christian and many people have made assumptions about my intelligence due to my beliefs. A friend told me I shouldn't believe the Bible because I'm too smart to believe a stiry book.

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