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I moved to Germany and currently am staying in the house of a friend of my mom's. Lovely couple but the father is spoiling their kid too much to the point it disturbs me thoroughly. When I get too annoyed from her screams I change rooms and such but sometimes I get a huge adrenaline rush and start shaking and am afraid that I will lose control at some point and roundhouse kick that prick of a child's face and make her one with the floor. Oh and when he is doing some weird shit for the kid he turns to me and says this will be you when you become a father and since I cannot say you fucking moron thats not how you raise a kid I just smile but it infuriates me. Any advice on how to stay calm / soothing tips?

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  • I live in Germany to and the only thing you can do to deal with those kids is to ignore them. Believe me, at first it may sound difficult to do it because you get mad or annoyed but when you finally get to the point that you say it's not worth it, you understand how better you feel by ignoring the kid

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