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I have a wonderful boyfriend for 5 years now, he's not perfect but I love him. He wants to get married, and while I secretly love the idea I don't feel grown up enough, as long as I'm not done with university and we have to live 250 km apart. Being on my own during the week I feel lonely and desperate. Will life stop being so overwhelming ? At what age ? Mid-twenties hasn't helped so far

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  • Just do what makes you comfortable. If you still don't feel ready for marriage, just hold it off for a little, y'know? I mean, it's also cool to get engaged then wait a while (like more than a few months) to save up and plan out the actual wedding. Age is just a number darling, it's comfort and trust that really matters here

  • Lady or dude excuse me but if you are in a relationship for five fucking years you should be able to talk about basically everything with your partner

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