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When I was a kid, I got really emotional about things. I cried when we replaced the fridge. And the microwave. I cried when we had to trim our trees branches away from the house. I named the tree Bob. I cried when my stuffed animals had to be washed because I was really scared they'd drown in the washing machine. I'm still nervous about putting my favorite stuffed animal in the washer because what if it rips him up? I'm 22 but I'm hand washing Spot in the bathtub just to be safe. If he gets ruined, I really will cry.

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  • I still have my baby blankets and they look like shit they are so old and worn. it's not a baby or childhood thing. but it definitely is a comfort thing. I can't sleep well without them. even the smell is important because they smell like home and my perfume and body wash. I was heartbroken when my aunt washed it and one of them tore apart. I wash them in a delicates bag very gently. as important as my blankets are to me I was so very touched when my boyfriend gave me his blanket even though he loved his for the same reason I love mine. I'm almost 22 and not ashamed to need my comfort items

  • Hahaha I gave our cars names and cried when we dold them.

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