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Im not really sure what to do my boyfriend forced me to have sex with him. He's been trying to convince me to do it for nearly a month and last night i weng over to his house and we were hanging out and he tried to talk me into it again but when I said no it like he go mad because he just stormed ouf of the room. When he came back he pinned me down me told he was tired of asking and forced himself on me I begged him to stop but he wouldnt listen. After he finished he kicked me out of his house and made me walk home I woke up to a text from him say "I'm not sorry about what happened and I'm tired of dealing with you its over". He forced himseld on me taking my virginity then he dumps me over a text message I just dont know what to do should I tell my dad?

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  • awe...I hope ur doing better

  • He raped you and he's still your BF? WTF is wrong with you?!

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