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I told my parents today I have an interest in doing law- rather than medicine, which my parents , who are doctors want me to do. They looked at me like I was about to do the biggest mistake of my life. "It's boring and dry " they said, they make it seem like it's a shitty job , like I'm making the wrong decision. My dad said lawyers don't earn much either. I can't understand why they won't say something positive. What should I do?

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  • A good family court lawyer or defense attorney makes a lot more money than a doctor

  • first of all, correct your parents about how successful lawyers are, a good lawyer with actual talent can make loads of money, even the same as certain medical specialists. sure there are shitty lawyers who dont earn anything, butt there are also shitty doctors who dont know what they are doing. and as long as you feel confident in what you are doing, success will follow. second of all, temind them that this is YOUR life and YOUR decision.

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