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I want you to read this as it could change your life. I think this is a very enlightening thought, but at the same time maybe it's destructive. Anyway... What if you are actually an angel in Heaven who is reliving their past life. As your angel self closes their eyes they are born. From there your life is replayed through your dream. Then as you take your last breath in your dream and close your eyes you reopen your eyes in Heaven. The exact opposite could be even more thought provoking though.... Imagine that you're stuck in Hell going through unimaginable torture. You are chained to a wall and a whip cracks against your back. As the whip leaves your skin you imagine your entire life again. Reliving every mistake, every error, every sin you have ever committed and all you do is beg yourself not to do it. Then as the whip cracks against your back again you see yourself die. What do you think about that?

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  • Dead people do not become Angels. I think you may have forgotten to actually read the Bible

  • You just blew my fucking mind!

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