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My mind is really picky when it comes to girls apparently. Its really hard for me to love. There was an international group project between 2 nations about nature which I participated in where 2 groups (one from each country) met and worked. The group I was on consisted mostly of my friends so I was really relaxed. Two girls on the other group were really into me. Well I knew one was but apparently there was another girl as well which my friend told me. And then there was a black haired gorgeous lady who just rocked me off my boat. My friends said she isnt that pretty but for me she was like some otherworldy divine being. I was like holy shorts am I in love? But she looked at me as she wanted to brutally murder me. I tried to engage in conversations with her. She wasnt even interested in small talk. Of course I was saddened by it but then she asked a very close female friend of mine(who was the partner of the girl i liked) if we were lovers. I was like woah what if she likes me back? But the project ended before she even said hello to me. I was devastated because I have never been in love before. I cried the day after the day they left.

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  • do it! go after her.maybe she is shy too. because that'show i am and my crush will never know that i like him.

  • you're a pussy that's it

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