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I have a tough decision to make. It's almost time to pick a college. One I've absolutely fallen in love with, nearly 3 hours from my boyfriend, or one I have yet to tour in the same town as my boyfriend, who wants to get married soon. I want nothing more than to get married to him, I love him with all my heart and more. Though honestly, I don't know that I want to get married right a way. I still have a few months to decide, but...i don't know what to do. I love him so much. Also, if I go to the one 3 hours away, I'm stuck rooming with someone I absolutely do not want to room with. Ugh. Adulting sucks

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  • Choose the better school. 3 hours is not that far.

  • Go to the one that you love. Its only 3 hours. True love can conquer.

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