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Drank a case of beer with my buddy then drove home. While driving after downing 9 beer( drinking number 10 on the way home) I decide to Snapchat Everyone what I'm doing. So I'm driving home through town at 80k/h drinking beer number 10 and snap chatting with the other hand. If this doesn't say I wanna die I don't know what does. I made it home totally fine BTW.

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  • My best friend was killed because of a selfish son of a bitch like you, driving drunk. Drive your car into a tree if you want to die, or off a pier into the ocean. Don't endanger other lives.

  • I'm so sorry that you're feeling suicidal but you can't endanger other people's lives. Also if you want your friends to know about you not caring if you live or die then you clearly want help on some kind of subconscious level which means that there is still a part of you that wants to be alive.

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