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Um. ..this has me bothering me for some time. I've had sex before with one guy and since then I've always had a fear or fingering and penetration . penetration because it hurts so much no matter what and my body is scared for it so I was almost never relaxed and was hard to get relaxed for sex.id have to kiss my bf alot and make plenty eye contact. but in all honestly fingering freaks me out and I'm not really sure why....I always asked my ex not to ans he didn't. it also hurt alot too...it's painful with only 1 finger when I'm extremely wet.i just wanna have sex for once and enjoy it....and yes I have tried lube...it's always hard to get in and it hurts so much.

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  • maybe you have some problem deep inside you that stops you from relaxing fully, so i would say, explore your mate, do some legit foreplay without fingers, for beginning, i mean, start with him licking you and also you sucking him off, for some time so you can cum at least once. After that you can play with yourself and touch your self down there while you both kiss... that should make you more opened. after that ask him to be gentle and take everything slow. If this don't helps you at all, then seriously you have some trust issues or smth that wont let you relax enough. Maybe some consult with some therapist in that case, find whats wrong with your inner self, because after some good foreplay if you're still 'closed' then girl it's your minds fault, not body. Take my advice.

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